the holy boat

Smoke & Lounge in Style

Due to the covid-19 pandemic issue we are forced to cancel all boat tours until further notice! 
The health & safety of our global family is our highest priority.
Stay SAFE & HIGH at all times 😉

See you when it’s all over. 

With Love


Six reasons why u don't want to miss this experience


Experience a Real Lounge Boat

A unique boat with great warm atmosphere. Hospitality, high service and personal attention is our guarantee. There is a toilet, sink, heating, heated pillow, beverage cooling, Bluetooth speaker, power sockets,


Holy Smokes! Yes, we are a 420 Friendly Boat

Amsterdam is the city of freedom. So feel free to roll you joint, light your blunt or if you don't know how to build a proper joint ask our host(ess) for help and advise! We have the same rules as a 'coffeeshop'. Please bring your own $h!+


Canal Cruise while smoking a Hookah / Shisha

We are the first & only canal cruise in Amsterdam where you can smoke a real Shisha/Hookah. For just €20,- book it onboard or online. Relax all cruise long with a personal Shisha/Hookah. Ask the host(ess) for flavours and more info.
Smoke & Lounge Canal Cruise starting from the Red Light District


Fun & Facts about Amsterdam

You will see all the major highlights of the city. Our host(ess) will tell you some fun & facts about Amsterdam, the Dutch culture and ofcorse the best coffeeshops 🙂


Enjoy Delicous Drinks

Get a delicous and refreshing Softdrink, local Beer, Quality Wine, or mix drinks like Gin Tonic, Bacardi Coke, Wodka Red Bull, Whiskey Coke or Holy Shots! And in the cold rainy days thee, coffee, hot choclate.


Embrace with Like-Minded people

This is a 'Smoke, People and Animal friendly' boat tour Get together as like-minded people who have the same attitude towards life and celebrating a holiday. Enjoy life now!
A must do Amsterdam Experience!


FAQ #1 Where the holy heaven is the meeting point?
Departure address The Holy Boat: Oudezijds Voorburgwal 228 (in the Red Light District area, you will see our host(ess) at the canal side standing on the right side of the Bulldog Coffeshop / Hotel. The time of the tour is when we expect to start the boat tour, so buy your goodies well in advance and plan to meet at the meeting point 15 minutes early.
FAQ #2 How much is a ticket for the tour?
€25,- per person for The Holy Boat Tour.
Private tours are also possible to book. Then the boat is all yours, private, personal, flexible on time and adjust to your schedule. Also u can suggest desired routes and other stuff you like. Maximum number of passengers is 20 plus your guide. The cost is €455,- regardless of head count. For this option, send an email to
FAQ #3 How long is a tour?
We plan on being on the water for at least 60/70 minutes. Usually more, but it depends how busy the canals are with the boat traffic and people jumping into the holy water and stuff…also we will always always 5 minutes extra for the people who bought there tickets online.
FAQ #4 Can I bring food & drinks?
Sure, bring your holy snacks and enjoy them responsibly (it’s your body). Also u can bring your own drinks, although we have the best bevrages of the canals and they look cooler than your can of beer! Don’t misunderstand, this is not (necessarily) a party boat, but we want you to enjoy yourselves, so you are welcome to bring whatever you like, but we trust you to know your limits.

What people say about
The Holy Boat

Had a great time on this cruise. Hosts were friendly and informative, without being overly talkative. Very chill atmosphere, not like a big tour group at all. Really enjoyed and would do again.
England / Birmingham
Awesome experience. Aside from the drinks and being able to smoke on the boat, it was a great once in a lifetime experience. Getting to be able to indulge with Some bud/drinks and then to be able to see the beautiful views around was great. The boat is super clean and comfortable. I would recommend going at 7pm and seeing the sunset!
U.S.A / San Francisco
This was the perfect Amsterdam experience! The boat ride itself was great and we got to see many sights for a great price, but the experience itself is what made it. A chill vibe and relaxed environment were exactly what we were looking for and we found it with The Holy Boat. The tour offers you inside information about the area as well as a chance to kick back with a drink or something else and just enjoy the ride. So glad I chose the Holy Boat!
Germany / Dortmund
Enjoy Amsterdam with chilled vibes whilst smoking and lounging onboard The Holy Boat
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